Contributing Authors

Ken Buetow, PhD (BIG Health Catalyst)
Ken Buetow’s role as the BIG Health Catalyst is the latest endeavor in a multi-disciplinary scientific career that has focused for more than 20 years on understanding the role of genetics in complex human diseases such as cancer, and on applying sophisticated informatics technologies to solve major biomedical challenges. In his current role of National Cancer Institute Associate Director responsible for Bioinformatics and Information Technology, he initiated and oversees the caBIG® (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid) program, a groundbreaking initiative built to connect the entire cancer community in a “World Wide Web” of biomedical research. caBIG® has pioneered the infrastructure and a portfolio of tools that enable organizations and individual researchers to securely share biomedical data, and its capabilities serve as a demonstration of the connectivity required for Personalized Medicine.

R. Mark Adams, PhD (BIG Health Futurist)
Mark Adams joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2003, where he has applied his 15 years of experience in the field of bioinformatics and extensive expertise in the design and implementation of large-scale informatics systems, including regulated systems for use in clinical trials. His Ph.D. in biology and expertise in computer science, biopharmaceutical and genomics research, and human gene therapy provide him with critical insights in his support of public and private clients in the healthcare industry. His current focus is on a groundbreaking project with a major public health agency, which is substantially furthering cancer research through the use of technology. Mark serves as the “Futurist” on the BIG Health Consortium.

Greg Downing, DO, PhD
Gregory Downing, D.O., Ph.D. was appointed in March 2006 as Program Director for the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Michael O. Leavitt’s priority initiative for Personalized Medicine. In this role, he coordinates trans-HHS agency programs for the analysis, planning and implementation of policies and systems to facilitate adoption of Personalized Health Care practices.

Lynn Etheredge
Lynn Etheredge is an independent consultant on health care and social policy issues and works with the Rapid Learning Project at George Washington University. His career started at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). During the Nixon and Ford administrations, he was OMB’s principal analyst for Medicare and Medicaid and led its staff work on national health insurance proposals. Lynn headed OMB’s professional health staff in the Carter and Reagan administrations. Later, he was a co-author of the Jackson Hole Group’s proposals for healthcare reform and a founding member of the National Academy of Social Insurance. During the last several years, Lynn has authored policy studies about rapid learning for evidence-based health care, Medicaid’s future, Medicare reforms, and expanding health insurance coverage. His most recent publications include “A Rapid-Learning Health System” (Health Affairs, special issue, January 2007), Administering a Medicaid + Tax Credits Initiative (February 2007), and “Technologies of Health Policy” (an overview of the past 25 years of Medicare and national health policy, Health Affairs, November 2007). He is author of more than 80 publications and is a graduate of Swarthmore College.

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