About BIG Health

We can deliver on the promise of personalized medicine, through a bold new endeavor called the BIG Health Consortium.

Excitement has been building up around the concept of personalized medicine for years. We’ve all heard the promise: a new era, in which medicine is preemptive, predictive, and patient-participatory. Certainly, the science has been exploding, as dozens of biomarker-disease linkages are identified. Diagnostic/pharmaceutical “theranostics” are emerging. Policy makers know that regulatory and reimbursement systems have to change. An increasing number of academic medical centers and health care providers are stepping up to the plate, defining what’s needed to deliver truly personalized care. And in the background, it’s impossible to ignore the triple threat of aging baby boomers, rising health care costs, and looming disease statistics that make achievement of personalized medicine so urgent.

Still, no systematic, national endeavor exists to connect all the requisite constituencies and capabilities together into a seamless, networked process to demonstrate the feasibility and value of this new model for health care.

To fulfill the promise of molecular medicine, a new kind of scientific and technology “ecosystem” is required that is characterized by “team science”—that is, efforts that work across multiple laboratories and share data in standardized formats; collaborations among academic, private, and public sector organizations; and high-throughput technology platforms supported by seamless informatics capability.


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